Capturing Sofia

Sunday May 15th

Sofia, Bulgaria

After the long haul down to Bulgaria from the UK, I decided to delay my Black Sea crossing to Georgia by a week to wait for some spare parts for the bike in Sofia, the capital.

Sofia may have ancient roots from Roman times, but it feels like a city in its adolescence. There’s a buzz and a energy about the place, from the noisy traffic ploughing up and down six-lane highways, the pizza and kebab joints serving street food on each corner, through to the construction sites that seem to be on every block, with snazzy new apartments going up alongside battered old, crumbling communist era buildings.

That gave me the opportunity to explore the city over a few days with my camera in hand, booking into a small hotel on Boulevard Todor Alexandrov, where the room was big and the rates were good, capturing what I found in to three groups of photos: People, buildings & streets.




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